OHLA Annual Conference 2018

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Last week, we attended the 2018 OHLA Annual Conference to give a presentation about branding. If you’ve never heard of OHLA before, it’s the Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association and, it’s one of the oldest hotel associations in the country. Founded in 1893, OHLA’s main purpose was actually originally to prevent the passing of counterfeit […]

Our Favorite Haunted Hotels Part 1: I Just Play One On TV

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There’s something especially unsettling about the idea of a haunted hotel. Usually a place full of life, energy and human interaction, it’s scary to imagine a hotel where the guests are already “checked-out.” Maybe that’s why haunted hotels have such a rich history in fiction. No matter the reason, here are some of our favorite […]

4 Haunted Hotels Will Make You Want To Buy A Nightlight

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When checking in to a luxury hotel, comfortable beds and speedy service are expected. But, at some of the most haunted hotels in the United States, guests may be greeted by more than just the friendly concierge. The spooky histories and ghost stories surrounding these hotels will make you think twice before turning the lights […]

I <3 D.C.

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With its wide variety of luxury and boutique hotels, Washington D.C.  is a great place for hotel enthusiasts like us.  Here are some of our favorite hotel photos from our recent trip to the Nation’s Capital.   Willard InterContinental It’s always interesting to think about what important foreign dignitaries have walked down Peacock Hall at the […]

5 Reasons We Love Hospitality

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If you’ve ever heard someone complaining about their boring and repetitive job, then we can guarantee they don’t work in the hospitality industry! Full of unique clients and exciting projects, we at McConnell Marketing love the hospitality industry for a variety of reasons. Here are our top five:   1. Everyone is so hospitable! This […]

I <3 Relaxation

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Working on this Spa brochure for The Rittenhouse made us wish our office was closer to Philadelphia! #IHearthotels   Want blog content and more directly to your inbox? Sign up for our email list for hotel marketing news, industry tips and insights sent to your inbox every month.