Remarkable Stats Every Hotel Marketer Should Know

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Travelers search for accommodations or location 77% of the time. 

A white paper from reported that travelers search for keywords that have to do with accommodations or locations 77% of the time. Only 57% of travelers search specifically for hotels. In other words, amenities and location, not brand should be your main focus when marketing your hotel.


88% of travelers don’t book hotels with an average 3 star review or lower.

Another interesting stat from the TrustYou’s white paper was that 88% of travelers sorted out hotels that had a 3 star reviews or  less, and 32% of travelers eliminated 4 star reviews. This really highlights the importance of paying attention and responding to online reviews.


Bookings are 67% more likely when a video tour is available.

This stat from is pretty powerful. It’s consistent with the overall move towards video we’ve seen in the world of content marketing in general. Luckily in 2017 anyone can produce a high quality video with just a smartphone and a little knowledge.


Hotel guests still use brochures. 

Thinking of ditching paper brochures? Think again! According to a study by Bentley University 86% of hotel front desk staff observed guests using brochures “always” or “often.”


59.2% of all hotel bookings will take place on mobile this year.

According to mobile bookings are expected to account for nearly 60% of all hotel bookings this year. That number is predicted to reach nearly 70% by the end of 2019.


 52% of Facebook users’ travel plans are inspired by friend’s photos.

We’ve all perused Facebook and seen our friends having a great time during a trip! This inspiration influences about half of our travel plans according to Be sure to encourage photography at your hotel with social media campaigns and prizes for sharing pictures.


Video reaches more people than any other content type on Facebook.

This stat from is yet another reason you should be investing in some type of video content. An especially effective way to do video well is through Facebook Live which you can learn more about in our blog from January!


Average nightly occupancy for full service hotels is 66%. 

If you’re wondering how your occupancy rates stack up, better than 66% is above average. According to hotel data giant STR, the average nightly occupancy for a full service hotel is 66%  as of February 2017.


66% of US Millenials follow a brand on Facebook so they can get a coupon or discount.

Need to boost your Facebook followers? Offering a prize or discount for liking your page could be the ticket! According to a significant amount of millenials admit to following brands in return for a discount or a chance to win a coupon.


Hopefully these stats will give you some more insight into what you should be doing to better market your property! If you know of any other interesting hospitality stats please share in our comments section below! Until next time, be well.

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