Don’t Sweat It: Marketing for the Summer Holidays

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The phrase “holiday marketing”, probably fills your mind with visions of snow, twinkling lights and piles of gifts. But what about the warm-weather holidays that make summer so much fun? Think fireflies, bonfires, and the holidays that conjure up childhood memories. Opportunities to piggy-back onto already existing feelings that are associated with summer can freshen up your marketing.


Find the Emotional Connection

Every holiday has an emotional component, but nothing can compare to the memories of running free for three whole months, riding bikes, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and not answering to any teachers. Harnessing this spirit of summer is important for marketing to parents as well as children. So remember…  be fun, think like a kid and use nostalgia to your advantage!


Memorial Day

Often heralded as the beginning of summer, Memorial Day is a time for celebrating the warm-weather season. However, it’s also important to recognize the true reason for the holiday, which is to honors those who have served in our military. But being respectful doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! There are also many marketing opportunities outside of traditional Memorial Day sales.

  • Offering special promotions to active service members is an easy way to say ‘thank you’!
  • Has your business ever considered giving back to the community? Memorial Day is a great time to start.
  • Asking customers to donate small personal hygiene items or thank-you cards to soldiers in exchange for an in-store discount helps drive business as well as acts as its own “feel good” mini-marketing campaign.


Father’s Day

Make June 18 all about Dad! Involving the kids in gift giving is just one way way to bring families to your business. Here are a few other great ideas for using Father’s Day as a marketing opportunity!

  • Small discounts for kids who pick out gifts themselves not only makes them feel like they’re part of Dad’s big day, but helps to make repeat customers.
  • If you’re a brick & mortar store, offering dads a free drink, sample, or discount is one way to increase engagement.
  • Involving dads and families on social media with contests and giveaways is another fun way to say ‘thanks’!


The Fourth of July

Rising above the noise of countless Fourth of July sales efforts (and fireworks!) isn’t easy. Distinguishing yourself from the competition can be tricky, but using major holidays like this as a springboard for your business’ normal marketing can be a huge help. Just like those fireworks, doing a little extra during this season is a must. Try any of these ideas to spark renewed interest in your business:

  • Sidewalk sales
  • Community cookouts & live music
  • Free or discounted samples of USA-themed items- if you can think it, you can do it.

How are you using the summer holidays as a marketing springboard? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below and until next time, be well.

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