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Among the foliage and winding paths of Mill Creek Park a strange sound could be heard this past Sunday. A rumble, not unlike a team of horses, was getting closer to water stand #4. Finally, through the trees we could just make out their forms – the runners. Over 1,200 of them descended on Youngstown for the first annual Youngstown Marathon and McConnell Marketing was right in the thick of it.


Runners in Residence

Can’t miss Steve with his wave and bright yellow shirt!
Katie getting back in the groove after a water break

Our office had both volunteers and runners that participated during the day. Steve has been running since high school and continued after college to stay in shape. Inspired by the camaraderie of the local running community, Steve puts mile after mile behind him to relax and relieve stress . He cites the camaraderie of the running community in the area as his inspiration to keep going. When not listening to podcasts, he likes the sounds of the Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, and Fitz and the Tantrums. Katie is our other runner in residence. She completed her first half marathon in 2011 and has continued to run since. She likes to unplug, recharge and re-center. Plus it helps to get the creative juices flowing. Feeling good physically and mentally is her inspiration to keep running.


Water Station #4

The best water table at the marathon!

Other McConnell associates couldn’t let Steve and Katie have all the fun! The rest of our team along with some friends and family converged at the East Golf Hike & Bike Trail to pass out water to thirsty half and full-marathon runners. With over a thousand cups to fill and pass out we were  busy. Singing, dancing, and a steady stream of jokes kept us going throughout the day. Runners took notice and complimented our fun and organized water station. “Free water here!”


Young in Youngstown

Runners from all over North America came to the Mahoning Valley

Being from the area and attending Youngstown State University, I’ve been going to Mill Creek Park my entire life but I’ve never seen so much activity at one time before. I have seen the city go through many changes, and the Youngstown Marathon is certainly a welcome addition. Runners from as far away as Ontario, Canada and Nashville, Tennessee participated in the race and it was fun to help welcome and support these visitors!

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