Outdoor Marketing Campaigns That Will Inspire You!

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“Go Outside and Play!” In honor of summer here are some interesting outdoor marketing campaigns sure to inspire you to shut down the desktop and get some fresh air!


Courtyard Canfield – Hot Air Balloon 

Our first entry is from a hotel right in our backyard. For their grand opening a few years ago the Courtyard in Canfield hired a hot air balloon to give guests a great view of the hotel and adjacent golf course.


Reebok – Are you Fast Enough? 

Reebok used pressure sensors and a display in the busiest street in Stockholm to promote their new ZPump 2.0 shoes. The campaign challenged users to see if they were fast enough for the shoes. People who achieved a certain speed would be able to unlock the display case and grab their free ZPumps!


The Economist – Idea 

Simple but effective, this billboard for the economist magazine was a bright idea (pun intended)! The light bulb turns on every time someone walks underneath it.


JetBlue- Steal This Poster

JetBlue’s personality shined through with this clever campaign that encouraged people to steal the airline’s  bus stop posters and then redeem them for prizes.


Burger King- The Scariest BK 

A New York Burger King dressing up as the ghost of their main competitor is flat out brilliant!  With an idea this cute we think even McDonald’s probably enjoyed it.


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