How a 120-Year-Old Brand Uses 2017 Marketing Techniques

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Whether sandwiched between two graham crackers or hardened over fresh strawberries, Hershey’s chocolate has been a household favorite for a long time-120 years to be exact.

With such a long history rooted in tradition, it might come as a surprise that Hershey’s decided to adopt a modern strategy when launching its Cookie Layer Crunch candy bar. Lauren Johnson from Adweek highlights the most effective parts of Hershey’s digital campaign:

  • Facebook became Hershey’s platform of choice when launching the campaign due to its ability to reach large volumes of people with quick, high quality videos


  • One week before the launch day (National Cookie Day, of course) Hershey’s released a teaser video on Facebook that mimicked the futuristic style of Apple tech


  • On National Cookie Day, Hershey’s utilized Facebook’s live streaming feature to officially launch the candy bar, with the video reaching over 2 million views!


With a successful digital campaign under their belt, Hershey’s proved that social media’s not just for the young. Even a 120-year-old company can use this new technology effectively.

To read the whole story and watch Hershey’s digital ads, visit Adweek. Until next time, be well.


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