Ultra-Skimmable Takeaways From DOYO Live 2017

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One of the key messages from DOYO Live’s keynote speaker was that today’s business professional has an attention span comparable to a goldfish.

We know that sounds bad, but it’s just an adaptation to the overwhelming amount of information we’re given every day. Today’s digital marketer has to cut the fluff and get to the point!

So with that in mind, here’s a super-scannable look at our favorite people and presentations from DOYO Live 2017:  


Debra Jasper – Mindset Digital (Keynote Speaker) 

  • Don’t write long emails, they won’t get read
  • Use more slides in your presentations but less words per slide
  • Pick a happier LinkedIn profile photo
  • Use Readable.io to see how easy your content is to read (this blog scored an A)


Dennis Schiraldi – DOYO Live

  • Turn video content into blog content instead of vice versa


Jim Komara – PALO Creative “Be the Big Dot: Local Search Results” 

  • NAP- make sure your company’s name, address and phone number are the same across all its various listings or get penalized by Google
  • Use “My Google Business” to your advantage
  • Get external links back to your page for better ranking


Jeff Leo Herrmann – Madison, Michigan & Market “How to Grow your Own(ed) Media Platform”

  • Every company is a media company
  • Publish content consistently
  • Don’t forget your call to action


Lisa Arledge Powell – Mediasource “Content Marketing Strategies that Drive Exposure and Sales”

  • Use brand journalism: discover/creating news content on behalf of a brand (instead of just blogging)
  • Tell not sell! Focus on the audience rather than customers in terms of content creation


Marisa Sergi – RedHead Wines “Guerilla Marketing 101: Creating Buzz for Your Brand!”

  • Be authentic
  • Strategically place product/logos that are in eye-catching locations rather than where they are expected
  • Create buzz in new markets before product release


Jamie Jamison – ala Jamie “Style Your Instagram & Connect for Success”

  • Make sure your account has a cohesive look
  • Connect with brand influencers
  • Geotag when you post about a sample/product
  • Share behind the scenes content (video or pic)


Brian Blasko – Keynote Speaker #2

  • We can change and motivate people!
  • Don’t avoid grumpy coworkers, brighten their day with some humor
  • Lead by example


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