10-Year-Olds React to the Hospitality Industry

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One of the latest trends in hotel marketing is trying to figure out how to attract millennials. But what about the generation after that?

Well, we had a couple of 10-year-olds in our office the other day (courtesy of McConnell Marketing co-owner Katie Swain) and just couldn’t help but pick their brains about hotel marketing. While we can’t guarantee that their answers are good market research, they are definitely entertaining!


What is marketing?

Olivia: Designing for hotels and gardens.

Calvin: Designing for hotels.

Admittedly we have been slacking a bit on the “garden” portion of our client list. 


What is a hotel brand?

Olivia: The name of a hotel.

Calvin: The name of it.

Definitely part of it, not bad! 


What is an independent hotel?

Olivia: ?

Calvin: A hotel with no sponsors.


Describe your last hotel stay.

Olivia: I don’t understand.

Calvin: It was the worst. The service was bad and somebody stole our trfoom? (not a typo, we just couldn’t deciper Calvin’s handwriting)

Cleary hotels need to address this problem of trfoom stealing! 


Have you ever had a bad hotel experience? Tell us about it.

Olivia: Yes. With Mamaw.

Calvin: Yes at the Embassy Suites.

Sorry Embassy Suites! 


What is your favorite thing about staying at a hotel?

Olivia: I get the pull out bed.

Calvin:  They have comfy beds.

Take note hoteliers, beds are the key to the 10-year-old demo. 


Do you have a favorite hotel? If so, which one?

Olivia: The Mandarin.

Calvin: Luma hotel.

Great job New York luxury hotels, you’ve made an impression on these youngsters. 


What does McConnell Marketing do?

Olivia: Design.

Calvin: It markets hotels.

Fair enough.


What is the best thing about coming to the office?

Olivia: We get to stay in the special room.

Calvin: Everybody is nice.

We’re officially rebranding our meeting room to “special room.”


Most importantly, how cool is your mom???

Olivia: Cool!

Calvin: Off the charts!

Savor this moment Katie! 


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