Wellness As An Amenity

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Shower infusers, aromatherapy and air purifiers sound more like enhancements you might find in a luxury spa, than in your average hotel room. However, Stay Well hotel rooms, available at select MGM Grand and Marriott properties include those features and more in their newly developed “healthy” hotel room concepts.


Stay Well

Pioneered by Delos, Stay Well hotel rooms emerged into the hospitality industry in 2016 with its installation in six different Marriott hotels. Stay Well rooms come fully-stocked with health enhancing technology, including:

  • Air purifying system that reduces allergens, toxins and microbes from the air
  • Memory foam mattress made from plant extracts
  • Bright white lighting that helps suppress melatonin, regulate circadian rhythm and reduce jet lag
  • Manual circadian room lighting adjuster
  • Stay Well shower infuser that reduces chlorine to help skin and hair stay smooth and soft


Not only do Stay Well rooms come with special amenities, but the rooms themselves were built from the very beginning to promote health. The countertops were built with anti-microbial material and the flooring is posture-supportive.

Stay Well’s ultimate goal is to provide a comfortable place for travelers to not only relax, but also recover from the health impacts of traveling.

With the hospitality industry looking towards healthier environments, what innovation will come next?


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