Marriott Unveils New Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

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It’s always nice to see a leader in your industry trying to make the world a better place.

Marriott International , the largest hospitality company in the world, is trying to do just that with its new Serve 360 initiative. The plan, whose full title is Serve 360: Doing Good In Every Direction, is a multi-faceted set of goals aimed to help Marriott positively impact important social issues like sustainability and diversity.


Ray Bennet, Chief Global Officer, Global Operations at Marriott International had this to say about the plan:

“As the global hospitality leader with properties and associates across 125 countries and territories, Marriott International has a global responsibility and unique opportunity to be a force for good in all aspects of our business – from helping to reduce carbon and water use to providing our associates with human trafficking awareness training.”


Serve 360 has 4 parts

  • Nurture – “Nurture our World” consist of goals that involve increasing Marriott’s commitment to community engagement.
  • Sustain – “Sustain Responsible Opportunities” is designed to reduce Marriott’s negative environmental impact.
  • Empower – “Empower through Opportunity” contains goals for improving the company’s diversity.
  • Welcome – “Welcome All and Advance Human Rights” is about prioritizing human rights and ensuring responsible sourcing.


The plan consists of 12 goals to be accomplished by 2025 at the latest. Here’s a quick look at a few of them:

  • By 2022, 80% of Marriott managed hotels will participate in community service activities annually
  • By 2025 100% of associates will have completed human rights training
  • Sustainably source 95% in their top 10 priority categories by 2025
  • 100% of hotels will have a sustainability certification by 2025

For more information about Marriott’s plan check out this article by eHotelier or go directly to the Serve 360 section of Marriott’s Website.


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