NYC Travel Tips from the Pros

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With its bustling traffic, amazing food and countless landmarks, New York City should be on everyone’s bucket list. Here are some NYC travel tips from a veteran concierge as well as some advice from our Director of Business Development who just returned from a trip to the Big Apple.


Tips from a NYC concierge:

Susanne Carter has been a New Yorker for 20 years, with the past 15 being spent as the chief concierge for The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park. Susanne knows the city inside and out from her years of experience, and shared some of that knowledge with Forbes Travel Guide.

Here are some of Susanne’s best tips when it comes to traveling in the city:

Gourmet Grub     

As such a massive city with countless restaurants, it can become nearly impossible to decide where to eat. Susanne recommends The Grill, an elegant steakhouse, Cosme and 4 Charles Prime Rib.

Underrated Sights     

Although sometimes overlooked, The Cloisters art museum and Shakespeare Garden in Central Park are two locations where visitors should definitely spend time. Susanne also insists that the new World Trade Center transportation hub “Oculus” is a must-see “social media darling” with it’s bold, white architecture.


NYC travel tips from McConnell Marketing!

Steve Kandray has been a member of the McConnell Marketing team for the past 4 years and has played a major role in finding new clients. He’s taken countless business trips for MM and recently returned from meetings in New York City!

Steve’s tips and takeaways when traveling for business in NYC:

Cheap Airport to Manhattan transportation

If you’re looking to save some money getting to and from JFK airport to Manhattan,  the subway / airtrain route is a great option. In my experience it’s faster and more comfortable than the express shuttle bus, not to mention cheaper!

On-The-Way Sightseeing

You can still experience a city even if you don’t have time for traditional sightseeing! On my solo sales trips I try to do “on-the-way” sightseeing. Basically the idea is to be opportunistic: Are there any quick attractions you can stop by after your next meeting? Are there any cool sights within walking distance of your hotel?  On my most recent trip to NYC, I had a few meetings in lower manhattan and by just walking a block or two out of the way I was able to see both One World Trade Center and the Oculus transportation hub!

Inside view of the Oculus

Whether traveling for fun or seeking out new clients, it is always a good idea to be an informed traveler – take it from Susanne or Steve. If you’d like to hear more about Steve’s trip or how YOU can become our next client, contact us today!

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