Why You Should Care About Twitter Promote Mode

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With over 350,000 tweets sent out to Twitter every minute, how are businesses supposed to push through the clutter? Well, just a few weeks ago, Twitter provided a solution for small companies to fight the clutter with its new ad subscription tool called “Promote Mode.”


What is it?

While Twitter has offered a paid advertisement option (similar to Facebook and Instagram) for most business accounts, it has yet to offer something like Promote Mode. Promote Mode is an account function available to all business accounts for $99/month that automatically blasts all tweets to non-followers’ timelines. Instead of managing individual Twitter Ads campaigns, Promote Mode automates the promotion of all tweets, and the account itself, with no additional maintenance needed from the account owner.

Promote Mode is intended to steadily increase an account’s influence on Twitter, however it can be temporarily disabled for a period of time that doesn’t need to be promoted. One of the best features of Promote Mode is that it provides consistent analytics on your account and its activity.


What it measures:

Twitter Promote Mode provides users with an impressive dashboard of analytic information including:

  • How many additional users were reached by tweets
  • How many followers were gained
  • How many users visited profiles that month


Why should luxury hoteliers use it?

Promote Mode is intended to give small companies a voice in the cluttered social media world, so a better question would be, why shouldn’t hoteliers use Promote Mode?

  • Users can post and promote an unlimited amount of times each day, rather than paying for each individual ad campaign
  • Hotel Twitter accounts would require less maintenance with Promote Mode, as campaigns do not need to be monitored or created
  • Not only is your content promoted, but you also receive detailed analytics for an incredibly inexpensive cost (Sprout Social costs $99 per user/month vs Promote Mode $99/month, unlimited users)

After learning about Promote Mode, one large question remains- will this subscription just further clutter the feed? While we can’t tell for sure, we do think that this new function will help small hotels get the traction they need with their target markets!


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