What You Should Know About Voice Enabled Search

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What do you do when you don’t know the answer to a question? A year or two ago, you might have said “Google it.” But now, you might say “OK Google.” With the recent (and fast) development of voice-enabled search machines, like Google Home, consumers and professionals alike have started to turn to these hands-free options for answers- and businesses are beginning to react.


The Big Three

While Google Home has (arguably) been considered as the most powerful machine in terms of search results and virtual assistant capabilities, other tech companies aren’t far behind. Check out the big three voice-enabled search brands:

  1. Amazon Echo (Alexa)
  2. Google Home (Google Assistant)
  3. Apple HomePod (Siri)


How Hoteliers Can Improve Their Voice SEO

With the constant improvement of smart technology, businesses’ keyword research is more important than ever. Instead of scrolling through pages of search results like a human, Google Home provides most of its voice answers from the featured snippet at the top of the search result page.

So as a small, luxury hotelier how do you improve your SEO and become part of that featured snippet? Most companies are turning to their FAQ pages, or creating one from scratch. Since nearly all featured snippet boxes are curated from someone asking a specific question, having a strong FAQ page will drastically increase your brand’s chances of becoming the next Google Home voice answer.


Voice Search Vocab

We aren’t experts when it comes to voice-search technology, and we don’t expect you to be either! Here are some keywords that might help when dabbling in the world of snippets and SERPs.

  • Machine learning: a machine’s ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed
  • Featured snippet: a summarized answer that appears at the very top of Google after a search
  • SERP: the first page of your search result or “search engine results page”


As technology continues to change, so should your marketing strategy! Voice-enabled search is only the beginning to machine learning technology, and now is the time to adapt your plan to continue reaching your consumers. Want more information about voice-enabled search machines? Contact us!

** The information and statistics in this blog was adapted from “Hello, Voice” written by Britney Muller and published in Chief Content Officer.


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