Our 2017 Top Blog Picks

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Our 2017 Top Picks

As 2017 winds down, it’s time to reflect on the year and prepare for an even better one! As we look back on all of the projects, trips and clients that we had in 2017, we also wanted to re-read some of our favorite blog posts. Below are our top blog picks from the year 2017!


1. Ultra-Skimmable Takeaways from DOYO Live 2017

This past summer, McConnell Marketing went to DOYO Live, an interactive design conference in Youngstown, OH. Not only were we able to promote ourselves with our Hotel Escape escape room booth (check out our Instagram for pics), we also learned a lot of valuable tips from many marketing professionals! Read this blog here.


2. How to Show Guests You Love Them

Full of guest appreciation tactics, this blog focuses on the best ways to say “thank you” to loyal guests! Read this blog here.


3. Will Visual Search Revolutionize Hospitality?

Pictures, video and animation have heavily emerged in the marketing world, and with them comes visual search. This blog focuses on a search engine called “Yellowroom” that allows users to search for hotels by visual experiences, like “romantic sunset in Chicago.” Learn more about this new type of search and what it means for hotel marketers here.


4. Hotels with On-Property Museums

Between glamorous views or luxurious amenities, luxury hotels are always trying to set themselves apart. This blog features our friends at the Willard InterContinental Hotel with their on-property museum! Check it out here.


5. How to Give Your Hotel’s Marketing a “Spring Cleaning”

Last spring, the McConnell Marketing team came up with a spring cleaning to-do list for any marketing professional. Updating social media graphics, checking brand standards and refreshing your marketing materials are just a few of our suggestions. Read the spring cleaning blog here.


Did one of your favorites not make our list? Let us know below or call us at 330.286.0487!


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