Big Brands Celebrate Women’s History Month

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women's history month

Women’s History Month is upon us and as a women-owned company, we have a lot to celebrate! This year especially, women across the country are being heard, and well-known companies have not ignored their voices. Today, we’re sharing some of the campaigns that big brands have launched in celebration of women.


Johnnie Walker

jane walkerThis month, scotch whiskey giant Johnnie Walker is rolling out a female counterpart to its 100-year old iconic brand. In celebration of Women’s History Month and as a tribute to women around the world, the Johnnie Walker Black Label “Jane Walker Edition” is now available for purchase.

But, a new mascot isn’t Johnnie Walker’s only attempt at supporting women. For each bottle produced, the brand will also donate $1 to nonprofit campaigns like Monumental Women, a movement to build an NYC monument honoring America’s women suffragists, and She Should Run, a group encouraging women to run for office.

To learn more about the Jane Walker campaign, visit this link.



Smirnoff & Spotify

smirnoff equalizer

In 2017, none of Spotify’s top 10 most-streamed tracks were performed by women artists or bands. Because of this, Smirnoff and Spotify have teamed up to promote the equality of women musicians around the world with the Smirnoff Equalizer.

This application programming interface (API) analyzes Spotify users’ listening habits and then provides a percentage breakdown of the number of men versus women artists they have listened to in the past six months. After this breakdown, the Smirnoff Equalizer will create a gender-equal playlist specific to that user’s music preferences. The program also gives users the ability to increase the number of women artists in their playlists with a personalized slider.




brawny woman

No stranger to the women empowerment movement, Brawny will enter its third year of the #StrengthHasNoGender campaign, honoring powerful females by replacing the iconic Brawny man with a woman. Throughout this month, the special packaging is available in retail outlets across the country.

Brawny has also introduced a series of short videos featuring “sheroes” at, while encouraging others to share their own stories about female heroes using the hashtag #StrengthHasNoGender.


This month, keep an eye out for other brands that are celebrating Women’s History Month!


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