March Madness Tidbits that Might Surprise You

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Unbelievable wins, upset fans and broken brackets: the signs of a healthy March Madness season. And in the midst of this basketball frenzy, we’re here to share some stats that won’t be on ESPN tonight. Take a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most unique March Madness fun facts pertaining to the teams, marketing and hospitality industry.


Go for Gold (or Blue & Orange)

Believe it or not, a school’s primary color actually has an impact on a team’s tournament success. After totaling more than 2,000 tournament games, only three colors have winning records- blue (57.2% wins), orange (54.8%) and yellow/gold (51.5%). And when looking at each color’s average number of wins per number of teams, orange, yellow and blue still dominate the ranks.

More color stats here.


The Final Four Advertisers

Second to the Super Bowl, March Madness is one of the largest sport advertising opportunities for companies. In 2016, the four biggest advertising sponsors were GM, AT&T, Coca-Cola and Capital One. These big four spent a total of $266 million on advertising during the tournament. Overall, TV ad revenue totaled $1.24 billion. The average price of just one 30-second ad during the 2017 title game? $1.5 million.


Unique Logos

Since the first tournament in 1979, 40 different logos have been designed specifically for the NCAA Final Four. Most logos feature symbols belonging to the host city. In 2003, the New Orleans logo included Marti Gras colors and a saxophone, while Philadelphia’s 1981 logo sported the cracked Liberty Bell. Some of our personal favorites? The 2013 Atlanta logo and 2017 Phoenix logo!


San Antonio Hospitality Boom   

After 10 years, San Antonio will once again host the March Madness Final Four. As one of the largest events in basketball, the city expects 93k fans to travel to San Antonio, spending a whopping total of $185 million over the weekend. According to reports, visitors will spend an estimated:

  • $53.3 million on lodging
  • $52.2 million on entertainment and shopping
  • $40 million on food
  • $18.1 million on alcohol
  • $3.8 million on rental cars

Two of the city’s largest hotels, the Grand Hyatt (1,002 rooms) and Marriott Rivercenter (1,001 rooms) are already sold out. And if you plan on booking last minute, expect to spend $400 – $1,000 per night.


Between the actual games and the marketing behind them, March Madness is full of surprises! Best of luck to your bracket, we hope it looks better than ours.



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