AAA Adds Technology to its Hotel Rating System

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For years AAA has inspected and approved thousands of hotels. With its diamond rating process, AAA looks at things like curb appeal, décor and layout to determine a hotel’s level of luxury. And recently, the company has added a new factor to its rating system: technology.


Updated Guidelines

With today’s technological advances, its no surprise that a hotel’s technology is now being rated. Staying somewhere without great WiFi and digital amenities is almost unheard of nowadays, and AAA seems to agree. Along with other guidelines, hotels are now being critiqued on things like free WiFi, USB ports, mobile apps, mobile key technology, kiosks and digital messaging services. If a hotel wants any chance at receiving the Five Diamond status (the most prestigious AAA rating), it must keep its tech up to date.


About AAA (History)

Since 1937, AAA has hired inspectors to report on thousands of hotels and restaurants. The company’s first rating system for hotels was introduced in 1963, and in 1977 AAA added the diamond symbol for its 75th anniversary. The Diamond Rating system ranges from 1 to 5 diamonds, indicating the level of luxury a hotel (or restaurant) displays. Each year AAA reviews more than 27,000 hotels, with only 0.4 percent achieving Five Diamond status.

Do you think a hotel’s tech offerings is its most important amenity? Share your thoughts below!


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