Hotels Raise the Bar With Unique Rooftops

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While rooftop bars (like this one) are a pretty popular hangout among city dwellers, some luxury hotels have gone above and beyond the usual dine in the sky concept. Think: opening the space up to four-legged guests, outdoor movie haven and hotel garden. Intrigued? You’ll find all the details below.


Who Let the Dogs Out? (On the Roof)

Hyatt Centric, that’s who. In July, Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami launched its brand new Wooftop Park. The newly-designed roof works as a space for guests and locals to take their dogs to play or just relax. And since all Hyatt Centric properties are furry-friendly, the park makes complete sense. At Wooftop, owners will find toys and treats, aka a doggy oasis. And Hyatt Centric’s GM said it best: why would guests take their dogs out onto the hot Miami asphalt when a cool rooftop hangout awaits?



It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

Nope, it’s Skylawn at Embassy Suites Midtown Manhattan. Located on the hotel’s third floor terrace, this new rooftop concept is 5,560 square feet of landscaped perfection. The venue can host groups as little as 40 or as large as 200 people. Guests can relax on the comfortable couches, watch an outdoor movie on the lawn and drink handcrafted cocktails from the bar.

Photo: Rooftop Cinema Club


Rooftop Views Just Got Sweeter

With Chicago Marriott Magnificent Mile’s honey bees. At this hotel, the ninth floor roof isn’t for relaxing. Instead, it houses a massive garden, honey bees AND solar panels. Over 25 herbs and veggies get their grow on in the garden, all for the homemade food served at the hotel. The fresh honey is used in hotel granola, salad dressings & this special honey IPA. And the solar panels soak up the sun to power the hotel’s fitness center below. This property gets an A+ in sustainability, what do you think?

Photo: Chicago Tribune


Of all the unique rooftop uses, which is your favorite?


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