Hilton Changes Conversation About Direct Booking

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What does a capella, family vacations and Hilton have in common? They’re all part of the brand’s new campaign Expect Better, Expect Hilton. Using celebrity spokesperson, Anna Kendrick, and candid messages, Hilton is working to change the conversation surrounding direct booking. And you can aca-believe that it’s gaining traction.


Expect Better, Expect Hilton

The message in Hilton’s new direct booking campaign is as simple as its name – book direct and you’ll save money. The campaign consists of a series of ads with Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick describing the benefits of booking direct. And although Hilton isn’t the first hotel to push out this message (see Marriott), it’s definitely been one of the boldest. Ultimately the campaign is meant to educate potential guests about the benefits of booking direct, and the benefits of being a Hilton Honors loyalty member.


What’s Changing  

We’ve seen a constant effort from hotels to change the conversation surrounding direct booking. Many travelers have the misconception that they’re saving money by booking rooms through third party sites like Expedia or Booking.com. But, hotels like Hilton are changing that perspective by highlighting their ability to match third party rates and offering guests unique rewards. And although the effects of campaigns like Expect Better, Expect Hilton can’t be measured overnight, we’re predicting that direct bookings will continue to rise as a result of these newly-curated, clever campaigns.


Big brands like Hilton are always looking for ways to improve guests’ knowledge of the benefits attached to staying at their hotels. Do you think this bold ad campaign was a step in the right direction for Hilton’s direct bookings?



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