Our Favorite Haunted Hotels Part 2: Real Life Haunted Hotels

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Haunted Hotels

If you’re not into spooky stuff, turn back now! Our last Haunted Hotels blog post featured fictional hotels, but today’s list features properties that claim to have real-life ghosts. Is it all just a marketing gimmick,  the natural noises of old buildings or guests’ imaginations running wild? Read about these haunted hotels and decided for yourself!


Green Park Inn

In 2017 the Washington Post named the Green Park Inn one of the top 13 most haunted hotels in the country. As a property built in the 19th century it’s no surprise to find it haunted, it seems like any pre-1900 building should be at least a little haunted right?  The hotel’s main legend is that of Laura Green, the daughter of the Inn’s founder. Supposedly she died in room 318 and her paranormal activity can still be observed there to this day. There’s even a ghost log in the lobby for guests to report their experiences with Laura or other ghostly residents.


Moana Surfrider Hotel

There are plenty of places in America that just evoke creepiness. The oldness of New England, the Voodoo heritage of Louisiana and the isolation of the great plains are great examples. But Hawaii? Hawaii is a paradise so beautiful that it’s hard to imagine anything bad ever happening there. Sadly, Jane Stanford, one of the founders of Stanford University, was murdered at the Moana Hotel in 1905 and legend has it that she can still be seen walking its halls to this day.


Hawthorne Hotel

With Salem Massachusetts’ notorious history its no surprise that it’s home to a haunted hotel. The town’s Hawthorne Hotel has several regularly reported apparitions but our favorite is “Bridget Bishop” whose ghost apparently manifests smells of baked apples around the hotel. Creepy and kinda pleasant at the same time we’d prefer to think that Bridget was just way ahead of her time with scent marketing.


The Seelbach Hilton

By the end of 2018 McConnell Marketing will have had two weddings and an engagement, so one of the most prominent ghost stories at the Seelbach Hilton really hits close to home. In the early 1900s a newly married bride was waiting for her husband in the Seelbach’s ballroom before the reception. Sadly the husband was killed in a car accident on the way and was never reunited with his bride. The wedding party supposedly found the bride’s body at the bottom of an elevator shaft, presumably having thrown herself over the edge in grief. Of course the bride can still be seen near the elevators today!


The Crescent Hotel

We tried not to repeat any of the entries from last year’s haunted hotels blog, but with the Crescent being known as “America’s Most Haunted Hotel,” we just couldn’t keep it off of the list! The Arkansas property even has a separate website specifically for the purpose of highlighting its paranormal side. First opened in 1886, the Crescent has had plenty of time to gain ghost stories and you can read about many of them on their eyewitness accounts page.

Are these hotels actually haunted? We’ll let you be the judge. For even more haunted hotels check out last year’s blog post about the same thing, or check out Part 1 of this month’s Haunted Hotels series.


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