Going Independent? What The Experts Have to Say

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We’ve all heard of independent hotels joining a brand. There are plenty of benefits: name recognition, branding, booking engines to name a few. But what about going the other way? Is it a wise move for an already branded property to become an independent or adopt a “soft brand?”

At this year’s Boutique Hotel Investment Conference, a panel of industry experts gave some  opinions about the topic which were covered wonderfully by Hotel News Now’s Stephanie Ricca.


The panel had 5 key take-aways for would be de-branders: 

    1. Know why you’re going independent
    2. Make sure your hotel tells a story 
    3. Don’t do it to to save money
    4. Think long term 
    5. Distribution plans are important – think OTAs and booking engines 

For more details check out Hotel News Now’s article about the panel.

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