6 Surprisingly Awesome 6-Second Ads

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In last week’s blog we talked about the shrinking attention spans of the modern world. Well apparently advertisers are well aware of this trend. According to a recent article by Adweek the next “big thing” in advertising is 6-second ads!

It’s hard to believe that you can fit an entire commercial’s worth of content into less time than it takes to post a selfie,  but after watching these examples you’ll see why ultra-short form advertising might be the wave of the future.


Loveletter – YouTube Advertisers

YouTube released a series of 6-second ads that told stories. They aren’t really advertising a product, just more of a promotion for the 6-second ad concept itself. This first stop sign video is a feel good example!

YouTube Advertisers – Hamlet

Another YouTube concept ad, this one is a modern retelling of Hamlet… in 6 seconds.

Old Spice – Sweat |#smellegendary|

Deodorant giant Old Spice stays consistent to its absurd/in-your-face brand with this quick and to the point commercial.

Mercedes-Benz Singapore – The New Mercedes 

It’s pretty amazing how well this ad creates the feeling of speed with just some text and a very short video clip. We’d be curious to know how small of a budget this had.

YouTube Advertisers – Free Bacon

Who doesn’t love bacon? This YouTube concept ad crams a lot of action into a very short span of time.

Stella Artois – Slate 

We can’t tell if it’s the patient cadence of the voice-over or the fact that it’s pretty much a still shot, but Stella Artois somehow makes this ad feel a lot longer than 6 seconds.

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