Marriott Hopes to Advance Hotel Tech with New Innovation Program

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In the hospitality industry, Marriott has long since been a leader when it comes to marketing technological advances. For example, a few years ago it was one of the first brands to provide guests with experiences through virtual reality headsets. And in just two short weeks, Marriott is moving ahead once again with the launch of its newest idea- a program called the “Travel Experience Incubator.”


Travel Experience Incubator

Marriott has partnered with Accenture Interactive and 1776 to create the  Travel Experience Incubator, a 12-week program beginning on Sep 12 in which start-up entrepreneurs will develop ideas and eventually pitch their finished products to judges. It’s basically a mini xprize for the hospitality industry!

Of the 165 applications received, Marriott chose 6 to participate in the program. The innovations that result from the Travel Experience Incubator will most likely be brought into Marriott hotels as proof-of-concepts, however global chief commercial officer Stephanie Linnartz says that this “is not the primary goal” of the program.

Participating entrepreneurs will be tasked with testing and enhancing hospitality solutions through the use of data and technology. After these 12 weeks, Marriott’s ultimate goal is to increase customer connectedness and enhance guest experiences within their hotels.

To learn more about the Travel Experience Incubator, check out this article on Adweek!


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