Is Your Hotel #Instagrammable?

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Nowadays, guests look for more than just fluffy pillows and an indoor pool when choosing a hotel. What’s at the top of the list? Instagrammability. According to research by, one in six travelers admitted to choosing a hotel based on its social media potential. Is there bright lighting? Unique art? Crazy architecture? Guests are looking for photo-worthy moments, does your hotel have them?


What Is an “Instagrammable” Hotel

We’ll admit, being an instagrammable hotel isn’t an exact science. Put simply, the term refers to any hotels that entice guests to take and post photos during their stay. It’s a property with unique architecture, great views and inspiring interior design. Think: if you visit a hotel, what would prompt you to take a photo? Whether it’s an interesting mural or artsy dish, there’s a lot of ways that hotels can fit the feed.


Take a Look

Some hotels, like Hotel Plaza Athenee, have mastered instagrammability. The hotel is full of natural light and picturesque views of the Eiffel Tower. Bright white tables are strategically placed on open terraces, creating the perfect brunch photo opportunity.


If the Eiffel Tower isn’t sitting next to your hotel, don’t worry. Unique food and beverage is another clever way to warrant photos. The Aviary NYC is a perfect example.

the aviary nyc


And when it comes to unique experiences, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort’s underwater villa takes the cake.


Okay, My Hotel is Not That

Don’t panic! You can take your hotel off the grid and onto the feed in no time- without redesigning your entire property. Here’s some tips:

  • Carry interesting visuals throughout your entire hotel- artwork, unique furniture, brightly-painted walls
  • Provide unexpected experiences like Dream Downtown’s hidden underground club
  • Create innovative food & beverage options that are photo-worthy
  • On your hotel’s IG: post photos of experiences that potential guests would want to have (i.e. day in the spa, lounging by the pool), make sure photos stick to a consistent look, choose & use hashtags


Is It Worth It

YES. Instagram, and social media in general, is not just for kids. Many adults are active social users and frequent travelers. Encouraging guests to share photos and videos of your property is essentially free marketing. And more marketing = more guests! Transforming your hotel into an instagrammable one might take a little more effort, but leads to big results.


If you’re thinking, “this is going to take too much of my time,” contact us! We can take care of the strategy, planning, drafting and posting of content to your account, hassle-free.



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