Wellness As An Amenity

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Shower infusers, aromatherapy and air purifiers sound more like enhancements you might find in a luxury spa, than in your average hotel room. However, Stay Well hotel rooms, available at select MGM Grand and Marriott properties include those features and more in their newly developed “healthy” hotel room concepts.   Stay Well Pioneered by Delos, […]

10-Year-Olds React to the Hospitality Industry

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One of the latest trends in hotel marketing is trying to figure out how to attract millennials. But what about the generation after that? Well, we had a couple of 10-year-olds in our office the other day (courtesy of McConnell Marketing co-owner Katie Swain) and just couldn’t help but pick their brains about hotel marketing. While […]

Hotel Technology

Marriott Hopes to Advance Hotel Tech with New Innovation Program

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In the hospitality industry, Marriott has long since been a leader when it comes to marketing technological advances. For example, a few years ago it was one of the first brands to provide guests with experiences through virtual reality headsets. And in just two short weeks, Marriott is moving ahead once again with the launch […]

How a 120-Year-Old Brand Uses 2017 Marketing Techniques

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Whether sandwiched between two graham crackers or hardened over fresh strawberries, Hershey’s chocolate has been a household favorite for a long time-120 years to be exact. With such a long history rooted in tradition, it might come as a surprise that Hershey’s decided to adopt a modern strategy when launching its Cookie Layer Crunch candy […]

Don’t Sweat It: Marketing for the Summer Holidays

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The phrase “holiday marketing”, probably fills your mind with visions of snow, twinkling lights and piles of gifts. But what about the warm-weather holidays that make summer so much fun? Think fireflies, bonfires, and the holidays that conjure up childhood memories. Opportunities to piggy-back onto already existing feelings that are associated with summer can freshen up […]