8 of Our Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Promotions

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Even though it’s a minor holiday in the U.S. about 37 million people will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at a bar or restaurant this year ! So forget looking for a leprechaun, hotels could might see a “pot of gold” in the form of extra f&B customers this year!

If you’re wondering how hotel marketers are trying to capitalize on the green frenzy, here are some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day promotions we came across on Twitter.


1. Floating Green, White and Orange by the Cliff House Hotel

Inventors of the #three-word tweet, we’ve known for years that the Cliff House Hotel in Waterford, Ireland has some social media game, but this year’s video of a floating Irish flag platform takes things to a new level!


2. Green Chicago River by Ritz-Carlton Chicago

This tweet by Ritz-Carlton Chicago uses a visually striking image and engages the audience with a question. It’s pretty much a textbook example of how businesses should use Twitter.


3. St. Pastrie’s Day by The Langham Chicago

It takes a minute to realize what this is a picture of but the curiosity building by The Langham Chicago is a great way to stand out on Twitter. Plus “St. Pastrie’s Day” is just endearing enough to avoid being cheesy.


4. Pot of Gold Cocktail by Loews Hotels

That festive cocktail looks delicious! Definitely a great way to entice people to stop by your bar for a St. Patrick’s happy hour.


5. The Luck of the Irish Staff by the Chesterfield Hotel

Hotel’s aren’t just a building with nice rooms. The staff is a big part of what makes the experience. The Chesterfield does a great job of humanizing itself with this shot of a staff member looking very festive for St. Patrick’s Day!


6. A Traditional Irish Saying by the Residence Inn Boston – Tudor Wharf

We love the use of a traditional Irish saying in this tweet by Residence Inn Boston Tudor Wharf. Sometimes a simple post like this is the best approach!


7. Director of Sales and Leprechans? By Valley River Inn

The Valley River Inn’s Head of Sales and Marketing is a great sport! This photo collage from 2015 is priceless.


8. USA Today shout out by County Clare Irish Inn and Pub

Why promote your hotel yourself when someone else is doing it? Of course, it’s also a bit of an advantage to be an Irish themed bar on March 17th. Nice job County Clare Irish Inn and Pub!


This post brought to you by Irish coffee (did you really expect a different beverage endorsement for this post?) Until next time, be well.

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