4 Places That Will Make You More Creative (According to Science)

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Boosting Creativity

Many storylines in the TV show Mad Men were wrapped up with main character Don Draper having an epiphany about some advertising slogan while away from his office doing something entirely un-related to advertising. For those of us in the creative world, those instances are surprisingly close to reality. Sure, lots of creative ideas come at the time and place you want them… but sometimes creativity comes out of no where.

With that in mind, some locations are better than others. Here are 4 places/ situations that, according to science, will help boost your creativity: 

1. While Exercising – A study from the Journal of Human Neuroscience showed regular exercisers are more creative than their non-exercising peers.  So on your next long run you should turn off the headphones and pay more attention to coming up with creative solutions to problems! Luckily, it sounds like exercising should help your creativity all the time as well so if nothing else, use the creativity boosting benefits as motivation.

2. In The Shower – If you think you do some of your best thinking in the shower you’re not alone. 72% of people have creative ideas in the shower according to a 2014 study by psychologist Scott Kaufman. As for the reasons thinking in the shower works, Kaufman theorized that the “relaxing, solitary and non-judgemental shower environment may afford creative thinking by allowing the mind to wander freely…” So if you’re in a slump just hop in the shower, relax and come up with a great idea!

3. In Nature- According to a study by the National Academy of Sciences, spending time in nature can help reduce “brooding” which is the technical term for when an individual can’t stop thinking of negative aspects of their life or a certain stressor. We all experience this type of mental state from time to time and it certainly hampers creativity. So get out in nature, reduce your brooding and free up your mind for coming up with creative solutions.

4. In a Different Room – Ever walk into a room and forget why you went there? Scientists call it the doorway effect and it happens because entering a new room signals to your brain that whatever is in the new room is probably more important than what was in the old room. You can use that effect to your advantage, sometimes a little shift can get you out of old thinking patterns and in to new ones.

What’s your favorite place to be creative? Tell us in our comments section below and until next time, be well.

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