A Woman’s View on Branded Content

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women branded content

How should the hospitality industry market to women? A recent survey by Influenster.com will help answer at least part of that question by providing insight into women’s preferences towards branded content.

The survey, which consisted of nearly 13,000 U.S. women, belonging to Generations X, Y and Z, revealed the average woman’s opinion on branded content including things like where brands should be positioned, and the topics they should feature. With nearly 2/3 of travelers being women in 2016 and 33% of senior management roles in hospitality occupied by women, this information is invaluable to marketers in the hospitality industry.


Some key findings:

  • All three generations enjoy branded content when it is authentic, entertaining and tells a story
  • More than 90% of women in all age groups spend the most time interacting with branded content on their smartphones
  • Nearly all women like to see/discover branded content on social media platforms, with the brand’s website following in second


Women have been and continue to be an influential component of the hospitality industry. As a marketer, make sure to pay attention to your target’s preferences when designing and executing a brand!

Check out the full infographic here.


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